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Magicka DPS

Master of survival

Magicka class are know to be the easist to learn and survive.

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2020 Magicka DPS Summary

Firstly there is no 1 best to rule them all. You have to learn every aspect of the class and master the class.

You must learn both strengths and weakness of the Magicka class you wish to play.

Magicka NB – Strengths

  • Easy survivle, healing over time and from damage
  • Burst
  • Sustain
  • Group support with sets

Magicka NB – Weakness

  • Hard to learn
  • Lack of group supports from skills

Magicka DK – Strengths

  • Easyist class to reach high DPS 
  • Sustain from ult 

Mahicka DK – Weakness

  • Self-Healing is difficualt
  • Depending on your setup, might require a melle dps spot